The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

Ever since I was a young girl, people have seemed to be fascinated when I would share my stories, a dream sequence, experience, whatever one would call it with them.  Then as I got older, folks would say, "you should write a book!"  I laughed usually for two reasons, I figured most people wouldn't care an ounce about my life, or they'd simply believe I was totally bonkers and off my rocker.  However, doesn't matter anymore...what matters is sharing and learning.  If I've learned nothing else in my 40 years in this life, is that I am not alone in how I feel, believe or 'operate' within my talents.  Therefore, I have decided to reach under the proverbial bed and drag my conscious mind out kicking and screaming, plopping her down in front of Apple's Pages with a cup of hot tea and cookie.  It's sharing time...I hope you'll join me!