The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

Are you there?

Tabetha Berry

I keep looking at the calendar in shock, as everyday comes and goes quicker than the one before. With the first day of Summer officially here and gone, and the Sun set high on it’s throne of the Golden Age, I recognize I have been touring on the road for nearly 3 years.  Back in August of 2012, my husband and I invested in our very first RV/Travel Trailer, packed up the house and hit the road.  With all three kids grown and on their own (their choice, certainly not mine – I’d keep my little “mini-me’s” with me forever if I could!), it was time to take a long hard look at the “rest of the story”.  I have not regretted a single day since then.  Oh, I have missed the kids terribly, but they’ve been busy constructing a life path of their own.  I’m just greatful for modern technology such as Face Time, Facebook and SKYPE.  Anyway, we have traveled close to 70,000 miles in that time and I’m continually amazed at the things the Universe lays at our feet.  I have been very, very lucky – or blessed, if you will – to cross paths with an abundance of souls as we journey through this plain known as “Earth”.  Many I’ve been able to help, others have helped me.  I learn and grow everyday, and I will continue to do so until my visit in this life is over.  In the meantime, I am so happy to meet YOU, share with you and hopefully journey with you as we both grow and learn together.  Some say my “gifts” are extraordinary, but EVERYONE has gifts, and as a collective of souls, we need one another to move forward. So come, I’ll be waiting…I look forward to seeing you!