The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

The Universe Will Support You

Tabetha Berry

This is such a powerful statement and so true.  Our thoughts and manifestations of those thoughts are real, and it’s proven to us everyday.  By waking up in the morning, sighing and saying “this is gonna be a rough day”, and then you have one – is all the proof you need.  Was it because you intuitively knew it was going to be bad, or because you felt that way at that very moment, you carried that emotion with you for the duration.  It is important to remember to stay “in the moment”, specially if the moment isn’t so hot.  Keep all those thoughts, feelings and emotions right there where they belong, attached to that one event or person that may have sparked that reaction to begin with.  Don’t carry it over and allow it to contaminate a completely different subject or person that wasn’t really related at all.  Life will give you everything you need to be supported, just be very conscious of what you truly need and how you feel when you ask for it.