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Does This Energy Make My ‘BUT’ Look Big??

Tabetha Berry

So, we’re all highly enlightened beings that know all about the Powers of Manifestation, right? I mean, you’ve listened to the Tony Robins tapes, been to Doreen Virtue seminars where they raise your spirit, joined classes on creating vision boards, read umpteen million books on positive thinking, done your “Ooo’s” and “Ohm’s” in meditation, and subscribed to all of Louise Hay newsletters. Right? You’ve done all the work and followed all the instructions, given it plenty of time, BUT

But what? Still more of the same? No real noticeable changes? One more day on the merry-go-round of life that you’ve become so accustomed to? Why? Is the Power of Manifestation a bunch of hokum? Or…is it that we really don’t recognize the power behind our self-doubting “but” within our own thought process?

Well, that’s a great question, let’s take a closer look.

Definition of the word “but”


1. used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned.
synonyms: yet, nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, however, still, notwithstanding, despite that, in spite of that, for all that, all the same, just the same; More
2. used to indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated.
3. used to introduce a response expressing a feeling such as surprise or anger.

1. except; apart from; other than, used with repetition of certain words to give emphasis.


1. no more than; only.


1. an argument against something; an objection.


Who knew such a little three letter word could be so powerful? Here you are, the Master of your own Destiny in all aspects of creation, standing up in your visions like He-Man yelling, “I have the power!”, all the while ignoring this tiny Achille’s heel.

The Universe is not judgmental or cynical. It’s not your parent watching over you to scold or praise you for efforts taken on your Life Path. There is no cosmic IRS somewhere out there taxing us on Karmic debt deciding if we are dinged this year or get a little something back. It simply IS. We simply ARE. And in the scheme of things, there’s no room for but.

Think about it for just a two seconds, if we took all the energy and effort behind the “but” we use to emphasize the reasons why we don’t have what we’ve asked for, and applied that to our affirmations, well then…

Also, let’s not confuse a “want” with a “need”. This is Universal language, not just a divination of the Webster dictionary. Our internal dialogue is just as important as our external, if not more so, because there’s power within those words. When one explains the reason why life has not turned out as they planned through their affirmations, everything about them changes. I physically hear it in their voice, intuitively feel their actual energies shift, it’s extremely powerful. Facial expressions, body language, voice inflections almost always come across as “begging” when they tell me of their “wants”. However, as soon as that “but” hits, here comes the real energy. I hear strength in their voice, determination – along with damnation – and absolute, undeniable faith that anything and everything that could go wrong would or will!

So, with that said…let’s take a look at your affirmation building blocks for creation.

“I want to be happy, but I need him to be responsive as well.”

“I want that promotion, but doubt I’ll get it. They’ll think I need more education first.”

“I really wanted things to get better, but I knew deep down it wasn’t going to. I need to just accept that.”

Whoa, Nelly, pump the breaks!!! I hear statements like that on a daily basis from friends, family, clients, everywhere. We have allowed little harmless words to hijack our very vision of happy, allow it to hold us hostage to our dreams, and for what? Because we have become accustomed to GIVING our very Power of Manifestation away. Taking it out of our hands and placing it in the hands of others.


Pull out your mental Powers of Manifestation tool chest and dump it on the floor. The only things we’re going to put back into it are actual helping words and visions that work to create what you desire. We’re going to keep “acknowledgement”, because we need to recognize what it is we truly want. “Perspective” as this can turn all situations and scenarios around. Then toss in “patience”, “understanding”, along with a pallet of colors, images of our visions, scents and sounds to bring reality to our visions, and anything else that adds to your success. Leave the rest out of there! Now, grab an eraser, whiteout and a sharpie and let’s re-write this:

“I deserve to be happy, I’ll be even more happy when he becomes more responsive to my needs.”

“I can handle this promotion, If I need more education I’ll use every resource I can find to start on it right away.”

“I acknowledge there are things in my life that need to get better, deep down I understand this will take patience and effort on my part. I accept that all things are possible when I give myself permission to do it.”

Take the power back, my lovelies! You’re a highly intuitive being capable of immaculate connection to the Universe, or you wouldn’t be reading this message right here and now. Empower yourself, be the Master of your own Universe, wipe that vision board clean and start fresh. Truly knowing that the good in this world is just as available to you as the perceived bad.

No if’s, and’s, or “but’s” about it…

Many blessings in love and light,