The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

Who I am...

Well, let's see, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and an overall Being of Light caught in Human Form, just like you. My name is Tabetha (named for the little girl from the famed 60's television show "Bewitched") and I've been blessed with some extraordinary gifts that were passed down by my extra-ordinary family.  I didn't see it as a "gift" at first and I tried to ignore it, but one cannot run from themselves nor the plan that brought us we are now, together.


I have begun to embrace what the Universe has given me and spend everyday learning something new that I feel will improve what I do and help improve the lives I come in contact with.  I work openly with Angels, Spirit Guides, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Astrology, Herbalism, Alchemy, Dream Interpretations, Rune Stones, and yes - on occasion - I see dead people, and we talk.


"Great reading, very positive and it resonated with me very well. The reading came within 20 minutes, and was highly detailed and very much appreciated." - Andrea R.

"Always on point,and quick! Love her kind way of communicating information. Very specific and is always willing to clarify. Lovely reader!" - Aida B. 

"Your reading was the best I have had to date! I have had a few online and offline.  Even one I had in person doesn't compare to yours." – Melissa J.

"I enjoyed my reading and you struck home several times. What you said has meaning and substance to me." –  Connie W.

"Thanks so much for the reading, I really enjoyed speaking with you. It was refreshing to talk to somebody who actually "gets it" and has awakened. I thought we really connected and I will be calling you again soon for another reading..." - Dan N


PO Box 802946  Santa Clarita CA 91380 US