The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

Take a flying leap!

Tabetha Berry

I love that I opened my timeline to see this today. It’s so perfect and is an actual reflection of the conversation I was having with myself in the car just moments earlier. You know, the one where part of yourself says, “I wonder if I could do…”, and another part says, “ugh, or not, it’s all must too hard.” Then the Wiser Self steps in and says, “why do you doubt yourself constantly, just do it already! In fact you already know you can do it, you’re just scared!” And how right that is, scared of failure, of other peoples opinions and judgements, of facing other peoples realities or concepts of who you are and what you’re capable of. But none of that matter…it only matters what YOU think of you, what you think you’re capable of. It’s about taking charge of your choices, your dreams, hopes, desires and taking action to bring them about. THIS is what requires the “courage” mentioned in this statement. So take a deep breath, hold arms wide, close your eyes if you must – then leap off into the glory of YOU – and be all that you are meant to be.