The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

The Death Card

Tarot CardsTabetha Berry

The Death card is all about transition, movement, and leaving the past behind.  With every sunset, there will be a sunrise, but we must tread the night first.  It’s not easy to say good bye, to part with friends or choose to take a different stance than those of our loved ones. But many times it’s necessary for our own personal growth.  We are born into this world as a single entity and will leave the Earth in the same fashion.  It is in the Universe we are part of the Whole, a collective of Source and souls, and is why we choose to come to Earth.  To learn and experience all that our singularity will allow.  It’s the human Ego that creates the illusion of time, love, security, success, acceptance, and on and on.  There are no such limitations within our Spirit, as it all simply IS.  So, taking that into consideration, do not let fear or melancholy of your Earthly surroundings hinder your progress, simply continue to slowly trod on leaving no regret behind.