The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

We Are

Tabetha Berry

There are many times I feel as if I’m drifting…caught between worlds of perceived reality and creations of my own expectations. Floating aimlessly, untethered and disconnected…a figment of someones imagination.  Is it an illusion? Am I a victim of my own personification manipulation?  The questions of who am I, where am I going, why am I here, never seem to end.  No matter how many self-help books I read or balanced I think I’ve become, the sequence of doubt runs constantly in the back of my mind like a computer program constantly chewing on data in search of answers.  Draining the central processor of the organic motherboard in my head and overloading my memory with fragmented bits known as life.

I am tired. I exhale.

Tired of what, was heard in the dead stillness between breath.  It caught me off guard.  I was in charge here, floating throughout my loneliness in this one man ship sailing to nowhere.  Or…was I?

The truth is, we are never alone. The human ego creates limitations, expectations and tribulations that in turn creates the illusion of discord.  Struggling, even when we are not in a position of struggle keeps our organic cpu running, chewing on data, seeking answers.  What we forget to see, however, is we are the creator of this being we inhabit.  Oh yes, the Almighty is the alpha and the omega, but he made us in his image – and therefore, by default – we too are creators.

That feeling of isolation is part of the fear factor generated to teach us survival.  We cannot be divided, separated, segregated or any other adjective our two dimensional being throws at us.  Primarily we are an active/reactive being equipped with the ability to learn and adapt to our environment.  But what determines the environment we find ourselves? This is where our Higher Mind comes to play.  This is where our Creator comes forth…through free will and choice.

It is our will and choice that brings us to the very place we stand – or sit – at this very single moment.  You and I, together looking at one another through this blurry page of written words and racing thoughts…you squinting and focusing closer to every letter your cornea detects…me with my fingers gently tapping out a code of connection with every single key stroke.  Electronically connecting one soul to the next, filling the gap of aimlessness.  Allowing the Creator within to see what is illusion and what is choice.

I inhale.  I am not alone.

In fact with all that is and all that ever will be, I simply AM. Together, in an existence that is whole, complete and unidimensional, simply WE ARE. And therefore, with that said and my palm held flush on the monitor over this page, I say good night.  Signing off for now, but ever only a tiny little electrical Universal impulse – or thought – away.