The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Tabetha Berry

Growing up in a rural area, books were my instant friend.  I think I learned how to read before I learned anything else in school because I wanted to know the story behind the pictures I saw in books.  I wanted to know what the author had to say, as I was always eager to hear a good tale.  When I was about 12 o so, I read Douglas Adams first book, “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.  I became a fan and of course read the rest of his books, but not without challenge.  The story this man told was deep to my tween mind. So needless to say, I didn’t quite grasp the concept of his book “Restaurant at the End of the Universe” until…well…an hour ago?

Basically, the Human mind creates expectations which is related to perception.  In turn, measurements are created to determine if those expectations are being met.  Our perception – or interpretation – of those results is what drives us forward. Before you know it, we unconsciously are driven by expectations themselves instead of the actual goal we wish to achieve.

One of the most commonly shared goals is to not be alone in this lifetime.  We find someone to fit that measure of expectation, and therefore they become the goal. Yet, that person is a Spirit of free will, with the power of choice regardless of our guidance. So, no matter how badly we want it to work or can see what is best, they may not.  Does it imply that we’ve done something wrong? No.  Does this mean we are meant to be alone? No.  Is the Universe saying to us that we’ll be alone in this lifetime? Well, that’sthe core question.

As a Spirit of Light, you came to this Earth by choice to GROW and learn things you felt you could not gain anywhere else, in any other time.  Which, by the way, is an illusion within itself.  Some people we connect to are a reminder that you’re NOT alone, that you won’t remain that way, and that you’re here for the experience.  That’s when it hit me.

The Universe – and the Powers of Manifestation – are basically like a restaurant with a menu.  Metaphorically speaking, once you’ve been seated you’re handed the basics. Water (the essential ‘elixir of life’), utensils (tools in order to manipulate what we receive), a napkin (a way to wipe away mistakes or clean up our messes), and a menu. Then you’re given a little time to consider your options the menu provides.  After a little bit, the waitress (your connection to the Universe) will stand by patiently to take your order.  If you’ve not decided, they will go and come back “when you’re ready”.  Or make a statement like, “take your time, when you’re ready, just let me know”.  You can sit there for hours with only your water and utensils…and a handful of options.  The waitress (your guide) may make some suggestions regarding the specials of the day based on your appearance of acceptance, which could be determined to be a clue or “sign”.  Regardless, It’s not until you make up your mind and call the waitress over and place your order does it start to come together.  She takes it to the kitchen (which is the Universe) in just the way you asked for it.  Now, the Powers of Manifestation equate to; picture yourself receiving it, smelling it, utilizing your fork and knife, placing the napkin in your lap to prepare for potential error, anticipating how it tastes, etc.  These powers are so strong that just by the mere image we saw on the menu, we are able to create a physical reaction such as triggering our saliva glands, gurgling stomach acids, and heightened smell.  All out of anticipation of what we have asked for.


Recognize you’re not being punished, that this is not some cruel trick that is being played on your heart, and that you WILL NOT be alone in this lifetime.  Clearly your own Powers of Manifestation are working, only now you must be very, very specific with making “your order” to the Universe.  Let go of what no longer serves you, such as when a waitress clears your empty plate.  And be prepared that you may have to send an order back to the kitchen occasionally, because it wasn’t cooked right, it was cold, or simply over done.

Our body needs food and water to survive, same as our Spirit needs love and companionship.  But just like you would not fall into a whirlwind depression because it seems the waitress or kitchen has forgotten your order, you shouldn’t be ready to fork yourself because your very delicious steak with all the trimmings was frozen in the middle.  Simply call the waitress over, point out the error, and send it back.  Once the plate is taken away, let it go completely, don’t dwell on how disappointing it was or unsatisfying. Instead, sit in anticipation of receiving the much wanted, desired, wonderful image you had in your mind all along.

You go to the restaurant to be served, to have what you need and desire without risk of a failed recipe, so – LET IT SERVE YOU!  Be resolute in your desires, clear with your order making process using as much details as you need, and then sit in blissful anticipation of having it brought to you.