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Places the one is drawn to....

Tabetha Berry

I've traveled extensively across the US, but some places are drawn to you more than others. That is how I feel with Hoover Dam outside Boulder city, Nevada. I've been here more times than I remember, taken the tours inside to the bottom, and investigated every corner I could think of in hopes of finding signs of the workers who no longer remain. Oh don't get me wrong, there's plenty of life in these canyon walls, and not just because of the millions of visitors that swarm here every year. The actual canyon walls that have been carved out by billions of gallons of rushing water from the Colorado River, feel alive.

The thousands of men who toiled here day after day in 110 - 130 degree Fahrenheit truly left their mark. Yes, the Dam is a big one, but their life soul that bled into these canyon walls reverberate throughout.

So when life seems long, hard and difficult, when challenges seem unsurpassable...I come here. I'm moved, motivated and inspired as to what my Human-self can accomplish. My Spiritual-self is calmed as I connect to the many who joined here so long ago for one purpose. Proof of selfless unity on this planet to overcome and create with the intent of HELPING all mankind.