The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

Love Is.

Tabetha Berry

Love Is.

It’s not an object to be given, taken, stolen, accepted, rejected, torn, unrequited, or whatever descriptive word our human Ego attaches to it. It simply Is, it exists within and around us 24/7. It Is part of our life, our actions, our laughter, our touch, our smile, our soul.

Love Is free and so are you.

I hereby give you permission to cut loose the Freudian ties of guilt, depression, self-doubt, fear, loathsome, or any other dogmatic binding that holds you prisoner in your own life. Love has not overlooked you, betrayed you, forsaken you or abandoned you. Love Is right there, waiting for you.

Love Is you.

It was love that generated your very existence into an energetic life force, as your soul is pure love. It knows nothing more, it is the human Ego and physical playing ground we have chosen to experience that creates the opposite feelings. Source Is Love, and we will return to that source from wince we came, to once again know all that Love Is.

In the meantime, I love you. You are loved on this day known as St. Valentine’s Day, now and always, and you will never, ever be alone.