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Lately I have been asked when doing readings about future people they may meet, I've heard; "how can I meet this person you spoke of, it sounds so impossible?!"





Then they go on to tell me

I don't go out

I live in a small town


Therefore, I've been inspired to share story from my own life to help answer this and point out the amazing ability of the Universe.

When I was a little girl in the 70s & 80s I grew up in the high desert of the Nevada mountains.  My grandparents raised me there, and had dreams of being Gold Miners. My grandpa had all the land you could see and built everything from the ground up. We were 100% self sufficient from water to power to school, right down to our wood cook stove in the kitchen. We were the only ones for miles, 35 miles to be exact to the nearest neighbor, and 62 to the nearest town.

Occasionally we'd all go to town, but mostly it was my grandfather or uncles to get supplies.

Don't get me wrong, we had color tv's, radios, bicycles, I even had my own room with a canopy bed and carpet!

But I didn't have many friends aside from our family, the dogs, cats, the occasional whip tail lizard...and the free roaming Spirits throughout the shadows of the basin I lived.

So, I had loved the books I read by JRR Tolkien & Terry Brooks, imagining them as being friends.I also loved several 80's tv series, such as "The A-Team". Don't laugh, it was a lot of fun, no one got hurt and the good guys always won.

When I heard one day you could subscribe to their Fan Club, my grandparents allowed me to sign up.  I waited for weeks for grandpa to bring the mail from town to get my new membership packet. When it came there was a newsletter along with autographed pictures and generic badges.   

In the back of the news letter there were some printed letters from other fans from around the world! Including one from a Mable Corcoran, a woman in her 70's that lived in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She had put her mailing address out and invited others to write and be Pen-Pals.

First time I had heard that term ever. I don't think the ink was hardly dry before I had that letter stuffed in an envelope and in grandpa's briefcase to be mailed.

From then on we were indeed "Pals", and wrote for years.  Her sending me books and photos from around the world of the Lochness Monster, castles, and her great-great grandchildren's birthdays.  

Me sending her rocks and dried desert flowers from the "little gold mine on top of the world" in the grand Mojave Desert.  I also joined the "Lord of the Rings" book club, and made a second Pen-Pal friend in New Jersey, Maurice Lane. He was my age (maybe a year or two older) and we also wrote for years.

When I turned 17, I moved with my grandmother part time into the neighboring little town of Mesquite to finish my school. I got three jobs and loved every moment of being in the schools Honor's Program.

The moment I turned 18 years old, I took the money I had saved and actually flew to New Jersey to meet Maurice and his family, staying with his parents for the weekend.

My first trip ever all by myself to one of the largest cities I had ever dreamt of as a young girl. Walking side by side in the flesh with my long term Pen-Pal and friend. 

So, needless to say, there simply is no limitation or boundary known to the Universe. I was lonely, I wanted friendship and adventure.


The Universe delivered. 



It's by this very proof that it doesn't matter how isolated you may feel, or how disconnected. As Master Creators, all you need to do is open you heart (i.e. HOPE) and ask the Universe for what you desire.


Then wait for it to be delivered, no postage necessary. ;-)








Grandma Betty

FamilyTabetha Berry

I owe SO much to my grandmother, Betty. When I was two, I went to live with my grandparents until basically I was 18 years old. She was young for a “grandma”, only 40 years old when I came to her, my dad being her oldest of six sons. She was more than my grandma, she was my teacher, my confidant, and my friend. She passed in September of 2012, but I feel her in my heart every single day!