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#Selfies 101

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Take a moment and see there's a whole new way to capture the moment, and the beauty that is you!


Every time I used to take a “selfie” on my iPhone, I would look around sheepishly to see who might see me. I consciously weighed if the shot I had in my mind was worth the humiliation I might suffer from head shaking grannies or sneering school children.  After all, I’m a 47 year old woman, not some spry looking teenager with thousands of friends and Twitter followers.  But, since I travel a lot and see some amazing views and have some unique experiences, I wanted to share with those who I deem important. So I would be brave, swallow my pride and hurriedly take a snap or two and then move along like a spy out of a Mission Impossible movie.  

Then today, while listening to the audio version of Louise Hay and Robert Holden’s book, “Life Loves You”, I had a bit of an epiphany.  She has always encouraged “mirror work” (there’s a great exercise for this listed in the book also) where they talk about the importance of Self, how we communicate with our-self, and what it all means. I giggled a little as they were going over the process and I was thinking about how little - ok, hardly any at all - mirror work I had done in the past.  I found it very difficult to stand (or sit) in front of a mirror and say “I love you” or “you’re beautiful” to my own reflection.  It didn’t help that the woman staring back at me didn’t look very comfortable herself either, as if we were two strangers forced to sit there and ‘be nice’ to one another.  In fact, most of the time, with a nod of the head, the woman in the mirror and I would just mutually agree that we excused ourselves (from this activity) and no one needed to suffer any longer.  

That’s when it struck me.

i actually had already been doing mirror work for years.  With each selfie I took, I instantly recalled how my own inner dialogue was different.  There was no scoffing, no sneers, no judgement or even criticism (at least not negative).  The moment that little device was raised up and I was suddenly staring at myself in a moment of clarity and “now”, my inner self almost instantly became my Higher Self, and my conscious mind allowed.  After all, it was busy holding the camera, positioning the finger over the shutter button and worrying about focus.  It was then I was free to communicate with myself in a true self manner.  I suddenly heard words coming into my own mind in a soft, loving tone that was encouraging, happy, and guiding, “there now, smile brightly!” or “oh my, I love how the sun highlights your hair here”.  If the perfectionist in me reared it’s ugly head with a “good Lord, look at those bags under your eyes!” or “wow, this angle really makes you look fat”, the gentle voice would instantly pop back in with a positive rebuttal and solution like, “no worries, we’ll just shift the position,” or “take a minute to fluff up your hair, I’ll wait for you”.

Doing mirror work (or even mirror play as Louise has called it) is something you’re most likely already doing and never even knew it.  Your loving, “true self” as Robert Holden states is beaming to shine through and willingly volunteers to give your “inner critic” a much needed day off.  Finding ways to love yourself is important, because without love for yourself, there isn’t any to go around to others.  So I suggest that you take the fears and the worries and the judgements out of being labeled something negative for taking a selfie - and instead - take that time to capture the moment you LOVED YOURSELF.  And when the snap is done, look at it - no, not to edit it - but look at YOU.  You’re happy, there’s a twinkle in your eye.  You’re face is full of life, color, wisdom, compassion, experience, and love.  And what do you see in the frame that you’re looking at with so much care or love? No, it’s not the imaginary viewer who may” like it” or “share it” down the road, but an old time friend you’ve not seen for a very long time.  It’s you, the real you, the true you, the you that is unique, amazing, inspiring and most definitely creative.  A person to be cherished, celebrated, respected and adored.  

Long ago, when cameras were first invented, many didn’t want their photo taken for fear it would steal their very soul.  Of course it didn’t, but instead, maybe it actually does HIGHLIGHT it.  Perhaps if we use the eye of the lens to show us the reflection we have so long avoided in our mirror’s through our own judgmental eyes, we can begin to reconnect with our true selves.  This is no replacement what-so-ever to mirror work.  Instead, I believe this is an incredible way to make peace with the confused looking person sitting across from you in the reflection, so that you can start an amazing and beautiful journey together. 

So grab that cell phone and get busy!   Start in your home, in your car, places you can start and feel comfortable if you’ve never done it before or done it much.  Yes, you might not like it at first or even find it silly or ridiculous, but please at least try it.  Robert & Louise suggest working on Spiritual practices for 7 days.  Other’s say to do something for 30 days in order to create a habit.  So I will choose and suggest you do this for 22 days.  22 is a Master Number, known also as the “Master Builder”.  I invite you to take at least one selfie everyday for 22 days.  Take more if you wish during these days, as some may be better or easier than others.  Do it throughout if you can, and no, DON’T wait until you’ve done your hair or make up.  Do it in your pajamas, laying in bed, sweaty at the gym, frustrated in the market, or white watching your beloved baby sleep.  Be kind, and look at the amazing person in the camera, the person that if you look deeply enough into the eyes before clicking the snap, is vulnerable and begging for love and encouragement.  That person needs you in there, they need your attention, your time and most of all, you love.  Therefore, listen to the gentle photographer’s voice in your mind, the kind, gentle, warm, soft loving voice of you telling you, “…it’s ok, love, there, there, things are so bad.  Smile now, dry those tears, you’re so sweet, it’s ok…let’s remember this moment and laugh at it later! Remember what you’ve heard, “life loves you” and you love life.  This is just a little piece of something much more grand, and you’ve got this! You’re safe, your wise, your loved, and everything in the Universe supports you!”

Just to get this all started, I am for the first time going to post some of my own selfies I’ve taken throughout the years.  Some of them I was far from home and my grown daughters, and was sad.  Sometimes I was at the peak of excitement from an adventure with my husband.  Others I just needed to reconnect with myself and reassure myself I was there for myself.  I hope this will inspire YOU too!! Please share one of your images, one you love, one you look at and say, “this is ME!”  I can’t wait to see the variety of images and views of all you beautiful souls out there that I have had the honor to come across with.

See you on screen! Many blessings in love and light!


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