The World Tree

Gateway to the Unknown

What’s it Like?

Tabetha Berry

I have been traveling full time for a little over two years now in the USA on my quest to better my life and those around me.  I have seen the vast variety of terrain this continent offers, yet have failed to see more than half of the whole, and I am still amazed every day by something new.  I take mental pictures of the landscape that dart past my window while riding along in a semi-tentative state of mind.  Allowing the depth of colors and wonders the sun (or moon) illuminates along the way to soak deep into the hollows of my retina, until it’s all a blur.  It’s then I see beyond this dimension and step off the precipice of time into the space of here and now, caught between then, when and before, mingling only with the cells of creation.  Seeing, no, feeling reality as it combusts into action around my dulled senses.  Watching organic life respond in slow motion around me as if I were a lunar voyeur observing the birth of a new star in the milky way.  Protected by distance.  Deafened by awe.  Wizened by definition, and humbled by the sheer magnitude of it all…this is where I connect.  Spirit knows only this space, this energy of being, existing without limitation or hinderance of form, opinion, fear or conjecture.  Reunited with the whole, yet secularly free, and complete…blanketed in euphoric glory that is indescribable by physical phrase or human language…this is what it is to me to be in the other world, to be a psychic, intuitive, shaman, witch, guide or whatever name befalls you at the time.  This is what it is to be me, and who I am when I am truly free of this life I visit in the name of sanctity.