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The World Tree



Your Life is a story

Tabetha Berry

Your life is a story, just like the New York Times best sellers we love to read by famed authors. And no matter how riveting or dynamic the tale, there's always a bad chapter. Yet we skip through it with positive anticipation to reach the next. Catching only the important paragraphs that help connect the story, and forgetting the rest as quickly as we turn the page. So be it with the chapters in your own life. When you reach that dull, or odd, or simply ridiculous section that's just an unnecessary filler within your best seller, turn the page. Take from it only the minor details that are pertinent and forget the rest. Look forward to the next page, instead of dreading it.  As you are the author of your own life. 

Reach for the Stars

Ron Berry

You must learn to roll with the punches, but if life knocks you down, turn over and reach for the stars! 

Beautiful Change

Ron Berry

When you live in the Mojave Desert and the average daily temperature is 108 Fahrenheit (105 in the shade), things start to wear on you.  Tempers become as hot as the sun baked rocks, and patience become thinner than the air. It's on days like these that I try to focus on the important things. Like this small wild bell flower. Living, growing and still showing its most beautiful side, in spite of all the surrounding harshness. I try my best to always share the love and light that fills me - but - there are times I'm faced with the harsh realities that I'm still a simple and mere mortal. I pout when I don't get my way, go off budget constantly, eat far more than I should, and should plan ahead far more than I do. Yet in the end, I find solace in my imperfections knowing that I'm part of something far more bigger and important than just my Human whims. Surrounded by Magick everywhere I am, like these lovely flowers I caught on film. Surrounded by love in every Spirit I touch. Respected and honored by the Universe with every manifestation that comes into realty. And blessed beyond blessed to share it everyday with YOU.

The world is shifting, people are changing, tolerance and acceptance feel like it's at an all time low. While on the other hand, it flourishes into freedoms and glory. 

So, just like this delicate bell flower, that has made the choice to thrive, to grow, to bloom in the face of all must we. We must CHOOSE to weather the heatwaves and storms of this era one day at a time. Of course we all are only Human, but When someone is short with you, take an extra breath. If they cut you off in traffic, wish them peace and safe travels. Be the most beautiful flower you can be in the midst of these cosmic changes. Because THATS what will outlast the test of all time. 

Know that you're not now or ever ALONE, and together we shall overcome and flourish.